Sunday, September 12, 2010

Upcoming Summer Trends: #2 Coral

Trend number two is one I am more excited about. Coral - Peach, Pink, Shimmer and Creme.

OPI Dancing in the Isles

This is from the 2004 Greek Isles Collection, it might still be available online but I don't think you'll find it in the shops.

BYS Pink Splash

Ive had this polish for a couple of years now so I don't think it is available anymore - but as an example of this trend it is a good one. This actually has a yellow shimmer to it (Click the picture to make it bigger to see)

OPI Melon of Troy

One of my favourites. Slightly more orange but still in line with this trend. This is also from the 2004 Greek isles collection but is now part of the regular collection (available at Department stores and pharmacies for $25)

Other polishes to try for this summer trend which are available in New Zealand are:

Essie Haute as Hello (available at Radius Pharmacies and some Salons for around $23)

Revlon Tropical Temptation (available at pharmacies and department stores for around $17)

BYS Caribbean Crush (available from Cosmetics Plus for around $8)

Bloom Bettina (available at Farmers for around $15)

More Summer trends to come :)
Lots of Love

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