Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Upcoming Summer Trends: #5 Flakie Polish

The big polish of the American Summer this year was Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure.

This polish was HUGE in America. People layered it on top of EVERYTHING and then mattified it afterwards to make a whole different look to their manicures

This however is going to be a hard trend to follow in New Zealand. As Sally Hansen polishes are not available in New Zealand (we do get their treatments and other nail bits and pieces).

And to make it worse alot of the other flakie polishes are not available in New Zealand.

Color Club Covered in Diamonds top coat was release as part of the fall/winter untamed luxury collection (another 6 months away for New Zealand). Check out ebay if you can not wait 6 months and don't mind paying for the shipping.

Nubar 2010 - Best bet for this is to have a look online. I got my Nubar Sparkle collection online at Beverly Beaute.

But never fear all those whose hearts have just sunk at the prospect of not getting any of these gorgeous flakey nail polishes ............. Nfu-Oh is available in New Zealand.

I registered an account at the New Zealand Nail Academy, where you can order Nfu-Oh polishes from New Zealand.

The three I own (and as soon as I get a job I will be getting more of these!) are #52, #49, #39.
Nfu-Oh Flakiey polishes are slightly different to the others just mentioned as there is more than one of them and they are all tinted with different colours. $52 is blue/purple, #49 is pink/orange and #39 is green/white. I do love these polishes and try to match them to different base coats all the time (some posts on this coming up soon).

So that is it. The five big summer trends from the other side of the world this year. Hopefully we can carry them on into our summer here.

Lots of Love


  1. Nfu-Oh's are the best! I love the range of flakies they have.

  2. The sure are jbrobeck! I cant wait to get more of them. They look so cool when they change colours in the light

  3. If it makes you feel any better I been trying to find this in america and I can't find it anywhere!

  4. Sonia - it is amazing how one polish can be so coverted in America. Insane I tell you. Especially as there are alternatives, that may now actually be easier to get than HT. Good luck in your hunt for it though! :)