Monday, September 6, 2010

Tags and a plea for help

I was tagged with these two awards by Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes (sorry hun I dont know your real name). she made the effort to tag those of use who have blogs that she likes but are unknown to many others out there. Thanks so much - I appreciate any one who can help get awareness out about my blog and my little country at the bottom of the world (New Zealand - and no we are not part of Australia)

So the 10 things I like most in the world at the moment:
  1. Nail Polish (I think this is obvious but I am deadly serious, I have developed serious shakes at the moment because I have had no money to buy any more)
  2. Chris - My Fiance (Hes had a hard time lately and gotten sick, but we are dealing with it. Its been 8 years and I still love him to pieces)
  3. Keera - my beautiful black cat. She is my baby and I love her to pieces, I worry when she goes outside at night and I love it when I come home and all she wants to do is cuddle.
  4. Farmville - yes that annoying game on facebook - I am completely addicted, I have been playing since the start and it is a great waste of time, but a good way to procrastinate at Uni.
  5. The Big Bang Theory - This is the most hilarious TV show ever. LOVE it. If you haven't seen it you are seriously missing out. even watching the dvd for the 8th time I still love it and cant stop laughing.
  6. Disney - Anything Disney - I grew up as a Disney kid, I have all their animated movies on DVD and still love watching them. The one problem is we don't have any Disney shops in New Zealand so no cool Disney merchandise :(
  7. Reading - I read at least one book a week, cant go to sleep without reading. And I like my books in paper format.
  8. Sleep - enough said - especially when Chris isn't snoring :)
  9. Caramel Slice - Gooey chocolatey caramely goodness
  10. Gossip Girl - The drama, the passion its all amazing (I was a huge fan of the OC and this is just as great)
So I hope you learned a little about me this way. I am going to tag anyone who hasn't already done this and wants to :)

And on that note I am going to make a plea to anyone living in America - Here in New Zealand we do not get Nicole OPI polishes and I am desperate for the Gossip Girl Collection.

I will gladly make a swap/or pay for these polishes If any one can get a hold of a set of these, I will be forever grateful. For anyone interested I can easily get BYS and Nfu-Oh polishes here in New Zealand.

Lots of Love


  1. Hi Lisa,

    Just wondering if you might be able to do a blog post on perhaps 5 must have colours for the coming New Zealand summer.

    thanks :)

  2. Oh good idea - Ill make it brands available in NZ too :)

  3. I live in America and would love to to swap polish and send you those colors!
    <3 nails_r_us

  4. Thanks for the offer Nails_r_us, at the moment Ive already got some one else to do this, but ill let you know in future about another swap :)