Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Zoya Poppy vs OPI Melon of Troy

So I was trying out some of my untried zoya's (actually almost all of my zoya's are untried, I guess I don't really enjoy any of them as much as I thought I would when I went crazy buying them in America) and I got out Zoya Poppy and thought "ohhh that's a pretty colour - I'll try that"
Zoya Poppy - Sunshine

It is a cute orange peach coral colour from the Bouquet collection. This is three coats and went on perfectly fine. But while I was doing this manicure I kept thinking "I have used this colour not very long ago - it is so similar to Melon of Troy"

So here it is (I redid this on a sunny day so it looks better than the last post in which I posted this here)
OPI Melon of Troy - Sunshine

Melon of Troy is from the 2004 Greek isles collection but is now part of the regular collection so luckily it is easy to get. This is three coats aswell. I find OPI's easier to apply because of the prowide brush.

The light here is slightly different from the light Poppy's photo was taken in (weird because they were on the same day in the same place, but somehow Poppy is in more yellow light) so here is a comparison of each polish on the same hand

Can you tell the difference? It is pretty hard to. I think Poppy is very slightly more yellow than Melon of Troy and Poppy looks slightly more opaque.

I definitely don't think you need both of these (unless you are like me and forget/don't realize you have one before you buy the other). I wouldn't go as far to call them 'dupes' but they are pretty close.

Posts may become a little more infrequent over the next two weeks as I officially hand in my thesis on Thursday the 30th, and I have a lot of work to go before then :S

Lots of Love


  1. Just bought my first five OPI polishes & one of the was Melon of Troy. I love the color. I got them for such a great price that I had to post about it. I just hope it looks as good on my nails as it does on yours!

  2. Yay Monoi for jumping on the OPI bandwagon :)