Monday, June 7, 2010

Quick Update

Hi all,
Hope your weekends went/are going well.
Just a quick update today.
Keera got her stitches out in the weekend, so the cone has come off her head and shes allowed back outside again. Were not seeing her much now - but it is pouring with rain outside so she comes in soaking wet.
At the moment I am working on a comparison of my left and rights hand - One has OPI top coat and base coat on it, the other has none. Pics and review to come when we get some light - its too late at night her now.
I'm also wearing my nails really short at the moment as they all decided to break all at once. Its really sad as I just got a bunch of Nfu Oh flakies I really want to try out.
I have so many ideas and no nails to carry them out on.
Also its been raining non stop for about three weeks here so pictures aren't easy to take with the crappy light we have here.
Sorry I am so not trying to make up excuses but my nails are short and I feel embarrassed about them.
Thanks for following me anyway :)
Lots of Love

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  1. Glad to hear the cone is off.
    MANY love short nails, me included.
    POST away,