Monday, June 28, 2010

OPI Flower-to-Flower + Konad

This was the final Polish I got from the OPI Summer Flutter Collection....
And it is my favourite :)

OPI Flower-to-Flower (overcast weather - in fact it was raining)

Unfortunately there has been no sun here so this is in the shade and does not show the beautifulness of this amazing colour. In some light it appears creme, but in the right light you can see the tiny little glittery shimmeryness to this polish.

I decided to add some butterflies to this gorgeous colour.

This is the butterfly off Konad plate m36 (thanks to Lisa who let me borrow this). This was done with OPI Black Onyx. The colour of Flower-to-Flower is more accurate in this photo.

Back to the bad light again :(

Lastly I added some little black gems to this. I was a little disappointed with the gems as the black ones don't sparkle as much as the other colour gems do and I think this is just because they are black.

This was a pretty manicure though and I will do it again in summer when it can be truly appreciated.

Lots of Love


  1. What a cute mani :) Nice color as well!

  2. Glad this gets a good review because it is heading my way :) I like the sugary effect of the shimmer.

  3. The shimmer on this one is quite unique. I dont have anything else in my collection like it. Your right Lani it is 'sugar' like. It is hard to explain with out seeing its awesomeness for yourself :)