Saturday, June 26, 2010

Nfu Oh #49

I was lucky enough to find an online retailer actually based in New Zealand to order these from, this means I save a whole lot on postage :)

This is Nfu Oh #49

It is a very think clear gel base with a tiny tint of pink in it and full of flakey multicoloured (yellow, orange, pink and red) glitter.

Nfu Oh #49

It is definitely a polish designed to be a top coat. Here you can see that the pink seems alot more dense in the bottle than one the nail.

Nfu Oh #49 over Black

I didn't like this originally - orange doesn't seem to go well with black to me, its too halloweenish for my liking - but this turned out quite pretty. I used two coats of 49 over black. One coat doesn't give quite enough flakey glitter coverage but the second thicker coat makes it perfect.

Lots of Love

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