Sunday, June 27, 2010

OPI Didgeridoo your nails? and Nfu Oh #49

Hope your weekends are going well.
The best colour I could find in my stash to match yesterdays post of Nfu Oh #49 was OPI Didgeridoo your nails? from the 2006 Australia collection.

OPI Didgeridoo your nails?

This is a Shimmery pink colour - but I don't really want to label it pink - its more a funny red/pink/mauve colour. This was three coats as it was a little bit thin and slightly runny.

Nfu Oh #49 over OPI Didgeridoo your nails?

These two polishes were a perfect match - neither are pink or red or orange and they suit each other well because of that. Again I did two coats of #49 over the colour to make the flakey glitter stand out and be noticeable.

In case any one is wondering what a Didgeridoo is.....

This is my partners one that he bought back from Australia. They are an Aboriginal Musical instrument and are extremely hard to play (or even make a sound on).

Lots of Love

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