Friday, June 25, 2010

BYS Fuchsia Flash

I am always surprised by the quality of BYS nail polishes considering their price (but in saying that their eye shadows are also very good and I wear them all the time and they last for ages, so maybe there is really something there I'm not quite getting)

Anyways.... this is BYS Fuchsia Flash:

BYS Fuchsia Flash
It is actually a touch darker than this picture shows

Its not unique as I have about 20 Fuchsia Nail polishes but this does apply well. This was 2 coats. BYS has a good sized brush which makes this polish easy to apply. The polish is a good consistency and I noticed that it dried quite quickly. Overall I am quite happy with this polish but I do advise using a base and top coat as it does chip a little easy.

Lots of Love

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