Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My Shellac came off

As of this morning my shellac was still looking pretty good but as the day wore on big bits started to peel off a couple of my fingers. Over the last 2 weeks I had gotten a few new polishes that I was waiting to try out so it seemed like a good time to take of the shellac.

I dipped cotton wool into nail polish remover (this I had to go and buy because to get rid of shellac you must have Acetone in the remover). Placed these over my nails and wrapped the finger in tin foil

I sat like this for 10 minutes and then pulled it all off.The shellac was all soft by now and I just scrapped the remaining shellac off my fingers.

I finished off my conditioning my nails with some CND Solar Oil - Nail and Cuticle Conditioner.

The particles in this oil are so small that they can condition your nails and cuticles even while you are wearing nail polish as the molecules in this can get through the layers of nail polish.

My nails did seem to grow a decent amount while I was wearing the shellac - maybe about 3-4 millimeters. Which may not seem like much but its a lot better than them breaking.

Yay so now I can get back to swatching again (depending on the weather of course)

Lots of Love

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