Wednesday, June 23, 2010

OPI Catch Me In Your Net

This is from the 2010 OPI Summer Flutter collection and is AMAZING!

OPI - Catch me in your net (3 coats)

The most accurate picture I could get of this was in the shade (the pictures in the sun looked too blue and not green enough)

This is glitter to the max. I love it, and unlike previous blue glitter polishes I have used this did NOT dry matte. So happy!! and even with it being packed full of glitter once it was dry it wasn' t that gritty or rough to touch, it was more smooth than I thought it would be.

This is not available in the shops in New Zealand (none of the special little collections are) so you'll be wanting to order this one off the internet - and soon so you can enjoy the beautifulness of this colour - although it is really a summer colour and we have no sun or warmth here at the moment, you can hide it away for 4 months until the sun does reappear.

Lots of Love


  1. This is on its way to me- soooo excited!

  2. CMIYN makes me giggly with happiness so I don't wear it to school or driving for fear of massive distraction. :D

  3. It sure is beautiful I know how you feel Ashley :)

  4. I know this polish is very very popular, but I just don't think glitters do it for me. Maybe one day...

  5. There is a lot of hype about this polish - it is pretty but does not even feature in my top 10 - although it is one that everyone should have

  6. Ooh speaking of top 10... would love to see that post one day.

  7. I can do a top ten list but until we get some sun I dont think my photos would do them justice - Ill work on it though :) - just add it too my giant list of things to do