Thursday, January 13, 2011

OPI Chery Blossom

Wow working full time is hard work.

I think the biggest problem is getting up early. Hopefully in a week or so I will be ok. At the moment I come home and fall asleep on the couch before dinner. I am shattered.

I have managed to do my nails every night though. Usually I decide what I am going to wear the next day and wear a polish to match that. I am surprised that no one at my office has said anything about my nails/polish yet. I havent gone too far out with the polish yet, but as its summer I think I will get more into the holos soon.

A polish I wore a wee while ago was OPI Cherry Blossom. This is part of the Japan exclusive Yokohama collection. Lisa bought this back for me from Japan for christmas! (I miss being able to talk nail polish all day long with Lisa while we were at uni together)

Over there they only have one of each polish on display and you have to ask for a bottle of the ones you want. they also come in little clear square boxes. The polishes also have an extra label on the side of the bottle like this:

This is a lovely light pink colour, that has that shimmery glass fleck texture. This was three coats, and is great to work with.

OPI Cherry Blossom - Sunshine

OPI Cherry Blossom - Natural Light

The second picture is more colour accurate, but the first shows the glass flack texture more. (enlarge the pictures by clicking on them to get a better look.)

Lots of Love


  1. You sound like me when I get home from work, lol I featured this lovely swatch on my blog and I wanted to come by and give you a heads up :)