Saturday, January 22, 2011

Color Club Pure Energy

Quick post for today. I have been super busy lately and feel guilty for not posting more recently. I had just managed to grow my nails to a good length when in one day they all managed to break :( and I always feel bad about posting pics with uber short nubbins.

I love the Color Club Electro Candy collection. It is one of my favourite collections, and doesn't contain a single colour I don't like.

Here is the blue polish from the collection.

Color Club Pure Energy - sunshine

This is a great medium shimmer blue, that has a neon blue/green/gold flash running through it. I love it. This is a collection of neons that you can wear any day and not feel slightly over the top in.

Lots of Love


  1. Have you used this during your job?:P I like it!

  2. Nope haven't worn this one to work yet, but now that you mention it I might this week.

  3. So I wore this to work today also with konad butterflies on some fingers and no one said anything. Imsuprised that after two weeks no one has said anything yet