Thursday, January 6, 2011

Color Club Age of Aquarius

Color Club Age of Aquarius is another polish from the summer Poptastic collection. These retail for $16 in New Zealand and are now also being sold in Amazon surf stores.

Color Club Age of Aquarius - natural light

The whole Poptastic collection is made up of bright creme polishes. Some are neon and some are just bright. Age of Aquarius is a medium aqua/teal colour. It matched the top I was wearing when I bought it. This is three coats. The formula of this was slightly on the runny side for my tastes, but is still easy to apply.

Again here I am rocking the broadway fake nails. As I said the other day the white tips on them tends to bubble underneath polish. This is in no way the polish fault but more the fact that these nails aren't designed to be worn with polish over the top.

Lots of Love


  1. Very pretty colour, although I don't think it is apart of the Poptastic collection. I got confused there for a sec because I bought the whole set but do not own this colour!

  2. It's not in my Poptastic either however it's a gorgeous color. I think I'll have to order this one as it makes me daydream..

  3. Hi girls. There is officially 18 colours in the Poptastic collection. Only 7 of these were sold in the pack together. All the rest are sold individually. At least that's what we have here in New Zealand.

  4. No problem. I think people forget that color club don't always put all their polishes into packs :)
    Here in New Zealand they sell them all individually and we cant buy the sets like others can.