Sunday, April 11, 2010

Color Club Neons

Color Club is a brand that is really hard to get in New Zealand. Mainly because we are so far behind in the release of collections here. The current collections in shop are Glitter Vixen (out in America in Fall 2008) and Electro Candy (from Summer 2009). The New Zealand Winter Collections - about to be released, are going to be Wild at heart (Fall 2009) and Dance Musique (Fall 08). So you can see how far behind we are here. I also only know of a couple of shops stocking color club and they all have really little tiny displays.

Also in case you were wondering in New Zealand we spell Color as Colour. Typing just Color freaks me out and seems so wrong.

Anyway I bought two of the Color Club neons from my local shop.

This is Power Play.

And Power Play with the flash on.

This is Screamin' Fucshia.
I didn't use the flash here as it looks more colour accurate without it.

I found both of these polishes extremely runny. Dipping the brush in the bottle once and being able to cover a whole hand worth of nails. Both of these were 3 coats and you could still see a visible nail line, so a white coat underneath would have helped and it would have increased the neon-ness a bit more of the colours. Like most neons these also dry matte, So a top coat can fix that and make them shinny again.

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