Thursday, July 21, 2011

Spotted in NZ: Orly Birds of a Feather

The Orly Birds of a Feather collection has made it to New Zealand

Finally New Zealand is starting to get polishes not long after they release over seas - (unlike the six months we normally wait) Although as I am typing this I realise we still haven't had the Orly Cosmic FX collection here.

Orly Birds as a Feather Collection
  • Fowl Play (purple sparkle)
  • Lucky Duck (green creme)
  • Nite Owl (beige shimmer)
  • Peachy Parrot (coral shimmer)
  • Sea Gurl (grey shimmer)
  • Sweet Peacock (blue shimmer)
I saw these in Farmers yesterday. They had a full untouched display. I think these sell for about $23 each. I like to wait until Farmers had buy one get on free on Orly - which they some times do, unlike the meager 15% the have off OPI.

I didn't pick any up myself. Fowl play looks like a pretty close match to OPI Merry midnight, but as I own this already I didn't think I needed two. None of the other really stood out to me.

I was hoping that New Zealand would be getting Orly's Pin-up and Happy Go Lucky mini collections as these are much more my colours, that a bright and glittery.

Lots of Love


  1. Hey lisa thanks for that I hadn't even heard of this collection, will be keeping a lookout now. I saw that you bought some nfu oh polishes at the beauty expo, is there any other way to purchase that brand in NZ? I can't find them anywhere!

  2. The only way to get Nfu Oh in NZ that I know of is through The problem is you need to be an actual nail technician. I'm not sure how else to get them sorry. there was some on trade me a while ago.

  3. I bought three of these (fowl play, peachy parrot and sea gurl) in the gift set today, at Farmers. The set is only $40 and you get a cute little bag. I'm going to get the set with the other three colours next week. x

  4. My gosh! Orly is quite expensive!!!!!! And, for me, those colours aren't that fascinating :(