Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Rubi Shoes Disco Nights

Rubi Shoes and Cotton On in New Zealand and Australia have bought out nail polishes to add to their clothing and shoe lines.

I have only seen about 5 colours in total. In New Zealand and Australia these polishes are retailing for $4.95 (this is pretty much the cheapest polish in the whole country). This one I actually found on sale for $2!!!! It was the only shimmer and the only one they had on sale so I bought a couple of them as extras for swaps aswell.

The bottles are exactly the same size and shape as OPI's bottles, but the label on the back says that these are 18mls. And based on the smell I can pretty much garuntee that they are not B3 Free.

Rubi Shoes Disco Night - Sunshine

Rubi Shoes Disco Night - White Light

This one appears more colour accurate to real life than the photo in the sun, but the photo in the sun shows the texture better. Turns out this polish is a foil. It is a silver that leans towards a pinky/bronzy colour. Two coats is perfect as this polish is almost a one coater with good coverage.

I am going wedding dress shopping tomorrow! I am so excited I can not wait! We have been engaged for a year and a half now so it seems like we are finally getting there being able to finally get the dress! I have no idea what will suit me yet. I have a feeling I am not going to get any sleep at all tonight!

Lots of Love


  1. This is one of my favourites! ^__^ I'm sure you will find your dress and please, show it to us after!!! For how long have you been together??? ^__^ I'm so happy for you guys :D

  2. Hey hun,
    This month we have been together 9 years. We got together when we were 15. Have lived together for last 4 years now. Will try and get some photos I just have to make sure he doesn't see any xoxox

  3. Congratulations! I'm sure dress shopping will be fun :D

  4. Awwww!!!! You are way too adorable, I wish you all the best! ^__^