Monday, July 4, 2011

NZ Beauty Expo Part 1

The past two days I spent in Auckland at the New Zealand Beauty Expo. It was amazing!

On the Saturday morning I met up with Steph from Nail Juice and her mum and we went to check out the expo together. I love the fact that her mum loves nail polish as well.

Our first stop was the Nfu Oh booth. For those who are still wondering how to say this - its N fu Oh (said like kung fu).

Steph's mum went nuts over the polishes they were selling cheaply - I'm not going to say how much we paid for all of our polishes as it may make some of you a tad jealous. But I am going to say we brought LOTS here. I brought 9 Nfu Oh polishes (48, 50, 124, 90, 29, 93, 68, 80 and 69) and some heart shaped diamantes. We had to visit this booth again at the end of the day so that Steph's mum could buy even more polishes here.

The ladies at this booth were really nice to talk to as well. They come from the New Zealand Nail Academy based in Tauranga.

They are also the suppliers of Sheekee nail wraps. These have some great patterns and everyone has been commenting on this one finger all yesterday at the expo and today at work.

This is how it looks after three days. It isn't lasting two well on my fingers, but they have had a lot of use of the last three days. They do however look super cool and apparently last a lot longer if you do a gel top coat over the top. These are stuck on the nail like a sticker, heated up and stretched over the nail and filed down to fit. It seems a relatively easy process, but I am not sure I would be able to do this myself to my right hand.

I also got one finger done with the new colours from the Entity Colour Couture Collection of Gel Soak Off Gel polishes.
This is a beautiful red glitter called "All made up" after 3 days of wear. This is just like other gel polishes, where the polishes is cured under a special light and dries immediately. They had some nice new colours coming out as well.

Next up was the Zoya booth. I have never seen such a big supply of Zoya polishes in such a small space before.

Zoya is only really sold in Salons in New Zealand (well at least Wellington anyway) so it was great to be able to actually see the polishes in person before buying them. They also had all the collections in sets here, which is such a bad temptation for my wallet. After the experience of the Nfu Oh booth I was thinking OMG I have to control my spending but it was soooo hard.

I picked up Mitzi and Phoebe from the summer 2011 Mod Matte collection, Mimi and Ivanka from the summer 2010 Sparkle collection and Apple from this years summer Sunshine collection.

Nothing was bought by any of us at the Creative (CND) booth. These polishes were still super expensive in New Zealand. I am sure their booth was great for those who own salons and are interested in Shellac, but we kind of just passed straight by it.

Nail Systems NZ Ltd are the suppliers of China Glaze in New Zealand. I was surprised to find out that China Glaze was in New Zealand, as I have never seen it here. Turns out it is available in some salons, but to be honest, once the lady in charge there found out we were just bloggers and didnt have a salon we were kind of brushed aside and ignored. They also did not have many polishes on sale here and really were only selling sets of the new collections. I would have loved to have been able to get some of the Island Escape polishes.

Young Nails is an acrylic and gel nail systems with glitter and colour powders.

This is the one finger I got done with the Young Nails system, and it seems like something I would get done again. It is a clear gel polish that stimulates healthy nail growth, followed by a black coat and then any combination, pattern or colour of glitter you can think of. This is super thick on the nails once it is complete, I think its about 5 layers and takes a while to do with curing under a special light. Some ladies were getting their whole hands done like this and they looked great. They were even doing it on toes. I am going to endeavor to find a place near me that does this.

Ok this is getting super long so I am going to stop here and continue tomorrow.

Lots of Love (and although it is not celebrated here - happy 4th of July for all my international followers)


  1. Ohh I'm so jealous!
    SOmeone whom I puchased acetone from, on trademe mention this expo to me last month so I searched it up. I got really excited reading about it... until it said "Beauty experts only" So gutted.

  2. yeah that technicality is what stopped me from getting into the expo as well. I spent the second day helping out at a booth so was an exhibitor and therefore was able to attend. If it wasn't for that I wouldn't have been able to go either.

  3. So you didn't get any pointy nails then? :P

  4. no I couldn't go through with it. Spent pretty much all day Sunday helping Rob and Michelle out and didn't get any more nails done. It was quite busy. I was glad to have something to do and help them out. Didn't get any of the Fractured though as they were all gone :(

  5. About the factureds, they're coming out on the USA nails website sometime about this month ;P

  6. I envy those beauty expos of yours! That ones was flabbergasting!!!!

  7. D: look at those nfu ohs... wow! can't wait to see your pics of them :)

  8. Ultra jealous!!! There's heaps more Nfu.Oh's I've been eyeing up! By the way this is the other Lisa's cousin Rach- Got #64 and #39 from her through you so thanks heaps!

  9. Hi Lisa, it was so nice to meet you at the Expo and thank you so much for your lovely comments about our stand and the Nfu.Oh polishes, love the pictures. As we get some new ones available I will keep you updated. Debbie NZ Nail Academy, Nfu.Oh & Sheekee Nails :)