Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Color Club Resort to Red

Color Club Resort to Red is from my 7 piece Untamed Luxury Diamond Collection.

Color Club Resort to Red - sunshine

Color Club Resort to Red - shade

This is a dark fuchsia/red colour. This is two coats. It is super pretty. The formula was great.

This is not a unique colour. Before I spread my polish wings to other brands I owned a bunch of OPI polishes just like this. I was a sucker for anything dark pink and shimmery.

This was the only polish in the Diamond collection that is not full of glitter, so I thought I would try out with the flakey top coat - Covered in Diamonds.

Color Club Covered in Diamonds over Resort to Red - sunshine

To be honest I am not a huge fan of covered in Diamonds. It is thick and goopy and I feel that the oddly shaped glitter particles are too big. I feel that Nfu Oh flakies are much easier to work with.

Lots of Love