Wednesday, July 6, 2011

NZ Beauty Expo Part 2

Beauty Expo Part 2 continues from the Color Club booth

Here Color Club were debuting their Fractured collection which is due to arrive on the ship from America at the end of the month. They were also selling their new summer collection Wicked Sweet, which is the fruity scented polishes, their Untamed Luxury winter collection in the 7 piece packs, as well as all the polishes from their large standard colour range.

I picked up the rest of the Wicked Sweet polishes I was missing from my collection, as well as some older polishes from the Femme Fatal and Catwalk Queen collections.

Unfortunately I didn't get any of the Fractured polishes, but Steph got Tattered in Gold and you can check out her post on that here.

There was a couple of blokes selling Jessica polishes along with their salon supplies. They seemed like a hard case, and were completely unsure about selling these polishes. I picked up a dark blue shimmer called Midnight Moonlight and a pearl shimmer called Chic. I have never seen Jessica polishes in New Zealand before. If you are interested in getting any of these send me an email and I can pass it on to the suppliers.

That was about it in the way of Nail Polishes. Lots of companies were selling gel polishes and were aiming these at salon owners.

What was notably missing from this expo was Global Beauty who are the New Zealand distributors of OPI. To be honest this doesn't stand the company in good steed in my opinion. I think they should have been there. Especially as the expo is aimed at beauty salon owners, who may stock OPI. It just seems a little arrogant to me.

Also missing from the expo but available in New Zealand was Orly, Essie and Butter London.

All in all I had a great time. I loved meeting Steph and her mum, as well as the great people (you know who you are!) at the Color Club booth, who I ended up helping out on the second day while I waited for my flight back home.

I cant wait for the next expo.

Lots of Love

P.S. I burnt my hand really bad on some steam whilst helping my mum cook dinner today, so I am typing this one handed and an in a tonne of pain. It is also the finger tips of my left hand so there will be no swatches (maybe even posts) for a while, while I recover from blisters and huge amounts of pain. Ive had ice on it for 2 hours already and it still hurts heaps!!!!


  1. I hope you recover quickly from that burnt!
    The expo seemed to have been amazing! Expos here are always in a time I can't go! :( And I don't have a clue about which brands are there :P

  2. I hope you recover from your burn quickly! I am always burning myself and find that aloe vera gel helps heaps!