Monday, November 22, 2010

BYS Voodoo Violet

BYS Voodoo Violet is from the Glitterazzi Collection. The BYS website shows that there are 8 polishes in this collection in a range of colours. Depending on where you go to get these they range in price from NZ$5.90 (Cosmetics Plus) to NZ$8.90 (Other places that sell BYS).

BYS Voodoo Violet - sunshine

BYS Voodoo Violet - shade

It is a purple jelly base with medium and small sized purple and silver glitter. This here is three coats. I think it looks better in real life as the camera seems to make it look more sheer than it is. The glitter also sparkles like a rainbow so is really pretty.

Here is a close up of the bottle:

It gives an idea of what this polish is like. But it is hard to capture the rainbow sparkle on a camera.

Lots of Love

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