Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Body Shop Nail Polish

Starry Night and Twinkling Pink
Picture from the Body Shop Website.

The Body shop has released two nail polishes as part of their Limited Edition Party Makeup Collection. This limited edition collection also has a lip gloss, eye liner, eyeshadow palettes and star dust.

The Body Shop Starry Night - sunshine

This is a black polish with flakes of silver glitter in it. They look like flakes but are in fact tiny different sized glitters. This is two coats and again I am glad to see another black polish not drowning out the glitter. Dry time was average and coverage was good.

The Body Shop Twinkling Pink - sunshine

The Body Shop Twinkling Pink - shade

This is a light shimmery pink. It isn't glittery or shimmery but has the same look as the glass fleck polishes from the Orly Cosmic FX collection. This was also two coats and applied well. These polishes were a little on the thick side. I am a sucker for pink polishes so this is a really nice cute pink that has that glass effect that none of my other pinks have.

The things I don't like about these polishes are the size (only 5mls!), the silly little brush (but that's because the whole thing is small) and the price (these were NZ$15 each and that is freaky expensive for only 5mls of polish.)

They are pretty colours and apply well so it would have been great to see these as normal sized polishes at normal prices because I would wear them, but at this size and price I feel like I don't want to waste them.

As far as I can tell from my web research these are not available in America or Canada. However they are in New Zealand (NZ$15), Australia (AU$11.95) and the United Kingdom (£5).

Will you be hunting down these polishes despite their size? is it worth it?

Lots of Love


  1. Pretty but that is jaw droppingly expensive! I won't pay $18 for 12mls of polish (RBL) let alone $12 for 5mls:(

  2. you have the cutest little nails! these nail polishes are nice but too much for what you get.

  3. Haha thanks. My nails aren't short on purpose they are just way to thin to stay long. It makes me sad all the time that I love polish so much but my nails don't love me. My whole family has nails like this, mine are actually the longest.

  4. i had no idea the body shop had nail polish! i really love the black color. :)

  5. Stephany I think these are sort of a one off thing. They don't usually do them. I don't think it fits in with their natural image.

  6. I'm not really upset that these aren't available in America - I wouldn't buy them anyway. The colors don't really grab me, especially not for that much money! Insane.

  7. I tried that black one today.. to much suprise I really only needed ONE coat.. and no top coat.. it was so covering.. x im following!