Tuesday, November 16, 2010

BYS Ruby Slippers

BYS just released a collection of "Mirror" Finish polishes. There are three polishes in the collection: Disco Ball (Silver), Midas Touch (Gold) and Ruby Slippers (Red). These are retailing for NZ$8.90 here.

Picture from BYS website

I only picked up one of these polishes on Sunday. I got the red one. I didn't realise when I bought it that it was actually named Ruby Slippers. It seems like every brand of polish has its own version of Ruby Slippers/Pumps/Shoes. The majority of these are sparkly red glitters. The BYS version of Ruby Slippers isn't so much of a red but more of a darker crimson/light burgundy colour. And it isn't glitter.

BYS Ruby Slippers - sunshine

BYS Ruby Slippers - inside (shade)

This is 3 coats, which applied easily and dried in an average time. To be honest I don't get the "mirror" finish. To me this is just a regular shimmer polish. It is a pretty colour, but not a bright red like you might expect a polish called Ruby Slippers to be. I would give it a 5/5 for a regular shimmer polish, but as a mirror polish I cant rate it that high - Its not mirrory at all.

I wont be getting the other two polishes in this set. They a probably great gold and silvers, but I am sure that with out the "mirror" they are just like regular gold and silvers.

Lots of Love


  1. Yeah, it's a pretty enough color, but if you have your hopes set on a mirror finish, it's a big let down. I was expecting it to look like the old Sally Hansen Chromes, smooooooth finish.

  2. It would have been awesome if the finish was reflective and you could see yourself in them.