Friday, August 6, 2010

Essie Ruby Slippers

Yesterday I met on of my followers Morgan. She is moving back home and then going overseas to live for a few years, and so she is sadly selling her nail polish collection. I brought a couple off her, and she so amazingly kindly gave me a bottle of Essie Ruby Slippers.

Essie Ruby Slippers - Natural light

This is a thick red jelly full of rather large chunks of red glitter. There is a few silver glitter bits as well, and in the sun has a slight orange glow to it. Here I did one thin base coat and 2 thicker coats over top (2 thick coats would be fine, but more than one is definitely needed). I feel because the glitter in this is so big, the polish becomes really lumpy on the nail. Top coats still leave a lumpiness underneath.

This is much darker than Nubar Fire Sparkle, with much larger bits of glitter. I do not own China Glaze Ruby Pumps so unfortunately I can not do a comparison for you guys sorry.

If you live in New Zealand you can find Morgans nail polish auctions on Trade Me. Search for her under her user name mandy8595.

Lots of Love

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