Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Color Club Poptastic Day 4: Almost Famous

Color Club Poptastic Day 4:

Almost Famous - Bright Dark Yellow - not so much 'neon', but definitely bright.

Color Club Almost Famous - Sunshine

Yellows are notoriously hard to get right. This one is interesting. It was quite runny, but very opaque at the same time. The 1st coat went on streaky, the second coat was better, but I ended up doing 3 coats to make a smoother finish. But surprisingly there is no visible nail line after 2 coats. The colour is dense.

I think as a yellow creme Color Club have done a good job with this one. I'm glad it is not thick and gluggy like other yellow polishes are. This is the darkest yellow in my collection.

Can you believe we have had two sunny days in a row! AMAZING! but still freezing cold, you can still see your breath outside when you breath (even at 11 in the morning).

How do you feel about yellow cremes? Yay or Nay? Would you give this one a chance? Or is it just a tad too bright for you?

Lots of Love

This polish was sent to me for review.


  1. I've been trying to find a good yellow polish but no luck so far. I tested this color club one at duane reade today but i wasn't too impressed. It wasn't the right shade of yellow that i'm looking for. ;/

  2. Nice! I like yellow cremes, but I only have two. I can't seem to find ones that are unique.

  3. All the other yellow cremes I have are pastel and light, so this one is different, I just have to wait till summer for it to be more appropriate to wear.

  4. so summery. i like wearing yellow when i need some sunshine in my life.. lol even if it's winter.

  5. I went out of my way one day to find a yellow polish (I ended up with one of the mini orly ones - cant remember the name - I'm at uni at the mo) because I was really sad and I knew I wouldn't be happy until I had a good yellow polish to wear right then. So sometimes yellows can be a good thing if they brighten up your day :)