Monday, August 23, 2010

OPI Love Will Blossom

OPI Love Will Blossom was a limited edition polish released for Valentines 2009 in the UK and Japan.

OPI Love Will Blossom - Sunshine

It is a glitter filled light pink/mauve colour. Unfortunately I believe this is really hard to get now. It breaks my heart because all the Japan exclusives have been amazing and so pretty and yet are so hard to get.

I think this is a pretty subtle colour, but the glitter in it makes it really special. The glitter is more sparkly in real life and it has a shimmer to it as well.

Lots of Love

PS. I have been compressing my images to make them load better, but I think I am losing the clarity and detail of them, as well as the size of them, when I do compress them - I will work on this - because it is bugging me :(


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  2. I actually found this just a couple of months ago in my local nail studio. And I'm in Sweden!

  3. It is really pretty, but this picture does not live up to the sparkle this polish has :(