Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Coral Peach Holo Comparison

Taking a step back from the Neons today (there will be more later in the week) and here is another Holographic Comparison for you.

Left to Right: OPI Bay Bridge Sunset, China Glaze TTYL, OPI DS Reserve

First up is OPI Bay Bridge Sunset. This is one of the very sought after polishes from the Japanese Exclusive Yokohama Collection. I am working on getting more from this collection, but when they are asking for US$30-$40 for each bottle on ebay, I have to say No. That is flat out ridiculous, and I hope they stay on there forever and never sell, because no polish is worth that much. Luckily one of my bridesmaids is going to Japan in November so fingers crossed she can find some then. :)

OPI Bay Bridge Sunset - sunshine

OPI Bay Bridge Sunset - sunshine - closer up

This has a scattered holographic effect. 2 coats, that went on perfectly. It looks like it is full of glitter dust, and is very pretty.

Second is China Glaze TTYL. Now I don't actually know what TTYL stands for (naive I know - sorry) But if you know what it means please let me know :)

China Glaze TTYL - sunshine

As you all know by now I Love the China Glaze OMG Collection. This is 2 coats, which apply easy and dry fast. The holographic is this is linear (straight lined) and appears to make each finger look like a little rainbow in the sun. This one has the strongest holographic-ness of the three polishes (but that may just be because it is easier to see because it isn't scattered out).

The final polish is OPI Reserve from the Designer Collection. I saw some of these on ebay going for quite high prices as well, I think I bought most of mine a year ago and I paid regular prices for mine, so I'm not sure why this is happening.

OPI DS Reserve - sunshine

Designer Series polishes are said to have "Diamond Dust" in them, creating the holographic effect. This is again a scattered, slightly muted, holographic appearance. I thought it might have been a bit pinker than the other too, but it isn't really. Again 2 coats, that applied easily and dry time was average.

Finally is the side by side comparison:

You can clearly see the difference between the China Glaze linear holographic and the scatter holographic of the other two OPI polishes. DS Reserve has bigger glitter and holographic particles than Bay Bridge Sunset. All three have a very similar colour appearance.

My recommendation would depend on how holographic you want your polishes to be. If you want the in your face holographic - you would go for the China Glaze (this is still the easiest and cheapest of the three to get). DS Reserve may be easier to get than Bay Bridge Sunset, so eiter is fine if you can get it.

I hope this helped :)

Lots of Love


  1. Lovely polishes, just to let you know TTYL = talk to you later (11 yr old in house always on MSN!)

  2. Ohhhh thanks Nikki - I havent used MSN since I was at school - about 8 years ago. Back then the only thin we said was lol and g2g (got to go)

  3. I love all three of these, especially TTYL though. They look great on you, by the way. :D