Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Some Essence Spam

These are a couple of the Essence polishes Jill sent me from Europe.

These are all 2 coats. They are all reasonably thick and very pigmented. The bottles are little and cute, but harder to use because of their size. These are all 5mls.

Essence Underwater - white light

Darkish dusty blue. In the bottle you can see a light blue shimmer, but it doesnt really transfer on to the nail very well.

Essence Ultimate Pink - white light

This one is a medium pink creme.

Essence What Do U Think? - white light

This is a medium orange peach with a fine gold shimmer.

Lots of Love


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  2. Agreed, love the blue. And love Essence, amazing colours and polish for the price. Just wish we could get them in the UK too