Saturday, June 18, 2011

Color Club I Always Get My Man-darin

Mandarins are in season here at the moment and Chris eats about 10 a day. I hate how he leaves their skins around the place. I am not a huge fan of mandarins myself, because I am one of those people who has to pick all the stringy white pieces off each piece.

Color Club I Always Get My Man-darin - white light

It is a neon medium yellow-orange packed with green/blue shimmer. That in istelf is enough to make me love this polish, let alone adding in the fact that it smells like mandarins as well!!!

I have always said that Color Club's Electro Candy collection is one of my favourite all time collections, and this colour is an extension that would fit perfectly in with the rest of the collection.

It is on the thin side and quite sheer, but the swatch above is three coats and it is fine with that many.

Unfortunately I had a severe vertical break on my big finger so swatching is not going to happen this weekend. Sorry in advance if there is fewer posts until it grows back out :(

Lots of Love

This polish was sent to me for review.

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