Sunday, June 19, 2011

Best invention in the world??

PiCture pOlish published this picture on their Facebook wall on Friday night

Yes you are seeing that right. It is a NAIL POLISH VENDING MACHINE!!!!!!!

It is situated in the Robina Town Centre in the Gold Coast Australia.

How awesome is that? It would be cool if we could find these all around the world. I know that I would use them. especially if they had cheaper polishes as you didnt have to pay for having them in a shop and paying for labour costs.

We have a flat inspection next week so I will get back to my cleaning now. And when I say cleaning I mean everything - even under the washing machine! By the way I hate cleaning - It is NOT good for your nails at all.

Lots of Love


  1. SO COOL!!! Okay, seriously I think these need to be... EVERYWHERE!
    Good luck with the cleaning, wear gloves so you don't chip your nails!


  2. I agree cleaning is not good for nails...thats why I don't do dishes!

    I just sent you an email about wedding dresses as well.