Sunday, May 29, 2011

Color Club Age of Aquarius + Nfu Oh 55

Unfortunately over the last 4 days I haven't been able to log into blogger. Very frustrating to say the least. Luckily Chris managed to fix it all and I am back online. :)

I have already posted about Age of Aquarius at the start of the year while I was wearing fake nails. You can find this post here.

Color Club Age of Aquarius - White Light

I found Nfu Oh 55 in my untrieds. I had completely forgotten I had even bought this one. I figured it would be a good match to wear over the top of Age of Aquarius.

Nfu Oh 55 over Color Club Age of Aquarius - White Light

Nfu Oh 55 over Color Club Age of Aquarius - Shade

Nfu Oh 55 is a medium teal green flakie polish that has little bits of glitter and bigger gold/rainbow coloured flakes through out.

I found this polish a lot thinner than the other Nfu Oh flakie polishes I have. The others have sort of a thick jelly texture but this was much much runnier. This was one coat. Because of the thinness of the polish not many of the bigger gold flakes ended up on the nail, a second coat could fix this.

Hope you all had a good weekend.

Lots of Love


  1. Gorgeous combo! Perfect to cheer you up in this terrible winter (at least in Adelaide).