Wednesday, May 4, 2011

OPI Glam Slam Duo

As far as I know OPI is not releasing the Serena tennis collections in New Zealand. It isn't really a big sport here and I don't think they can cash in on it enough here. Unfortunately from my point of view rugby is the big sport here with the World Cup here in a few months.
My pack of Glam Slam actually came in this cute little packet, although it does seem a little bit excessive as half the packet is just empty plastic.

OPI Simply Smash-ing! - Sunshine

OPI Simply Smash-ing! - Shade

This is three coats and as you can see in the sunshine picture it is still a little sheer. It is however a gorgeous yellow limey green colour with a glass fleck texture. It applies easily with the pro-wide brush and dries quickly.

OPI Black Shatter over Simply Smash-ing! - Sunshine

To be honest I prefer the yellow without the black shatter over it. I just don't think I am Black shatters biggest fan. I dont like covering up pretty polishes with black bits. Mine went goopy and thick and it is hard to get consistent "shattering" across all nails, as some need a few strokes and then it just goes blah.....

As for my comment above I suppose the Black Shatter could be paired with a silver or white polish underneath and match the All Blacks colours and therefore be suitable for rugby :S

Lots of Love


  1. I don't think it is either. Have you seen the prices of these things on Trademe? Frikken $40-50 each!! ... and they only have this one, which doesn't really appeal to me.

    I have emailed those Trademe O.P.I suppliers whom sell for $14-$15 each, to ask if they're going to import any in and so far I haven't had an answer yet but I hope it's not too expensive, at least it'll be cheaper than the stores, huh?

    I'm lemming for the French one which is the white shatter... Oh, Spark De Triomphe, you are so fine <3

  2. My shatter (which i paid stupid amounts on trademe for, opps) is exactly the same, all goopy and hard to make shatter properly on every nail :(
    I got a bottle of Barry M Black Magic to see if it was any better and it is!! It's a thousand times better <3 <3 <3 plus Barry M has coloured crackles out now too! yay *happy dance* :D

  3. I wouldnt pay the $52 they are asking for this set on Trademe. It is insane. I think unless you really really want the yellow its not worth it. Farmers in Wellington keeps restocking their shatter, so its easy enough to get now. My problem is I cant find any OPI branded thinner to thin my shatter. So I think ill buy the Orly one and try that out. It seems a waste if I dont try to thin my shatter, seeing as ive only used it a couple of times.

  4. Yeah, what with the ASB Classic and the Heineken Open in Auckland every year, tennis really isn't very big here. Wait, what?

    I hope the goopiness isn't a problem for all the shatters – I've just ordered the silver and can't wait for it to arrive.

  5. Sarah that was a bit mean. Tennis isn't big here - especially not in Wellington. Until we can manage to get bigger names here and are worthy of our own Serena collection I still don't consider tennis big here. Have either of the Williams sisters ever been to NZ?

  6. Sarah - I don't think Lisa means that Tennis isn't recognised here but compared to Rugby it is so much more popular. You can buy just about anything with the Rugy teams' logos on. Tennis just doesn't have that 'whole country supporting' it feeling here.

    I have a black shatter and have worn it twice. I do like it's effect but it feels like I am always trying to look at what's under it lol!

  7. Sorry, Lisa – I didn't mean it to be mean. It was more of a 'wow, I hope OPI aren't not releasing it here because they think we don't like tennis'. Next time I'll just say that.

  8. No problem Sarah. I have no idea what the distributors of OPI are thinking - this blog is just what I am thinking and my interpretation of it. OPI NZ only just realized that importing only two collections a year was holding them back, and that's why we now get all the little extra OPI collections. I contacted them a couple of days ago and there are at the moment no plans to bring any of the Serena Tennis polishes to NZ