Thursday, May 19, 2011

Color Club Disco Dress + Nfu Oh 52

Disco Dress is the last of the three new bright colours released by Color Club as an extension of the Poptastic collection.

Color Club Disco Dress - White light

This is three coats, but you can get away with two. It is a great formula. The colour isnt very acurate here (purples are impossible to photograph right) It is a lot more on the pink/red side of purple than this. It does dry rather on the matte side, as you can see from the picture above. I quite like it, but it is a little on the dark side, as opposed to bright.

I am not getting the name of this one. Disco dress to me seems like it should be a glittery silver, not a creme purple.

Color Club Disco Dress - covered in Nfu Oh 52

This looks totally gorgeous. The Nfu Oh brings out blue and green and purple in the polish.

Lots of Love

This polish was sent to me for review.


  1. Random question you haven't seen anywhere in Welly that does Minz?

  2. no I havent. Have you seen them? Ill keep an eye out

  3. ooooo i really like that Nfu Oh 52, what a fun treatment!