Thursday, November 21, 2013

Ruby Wing Festival Paint Collection

The ruby Wing Festival Paint Collection was released for Summer 2013 in the Northern Hemisphere.  It is now summer here in the Southern hemisphere so I decided to give this collection a try.

Top Row: Crowd Surf, Groupie, Summer Love
Bottom Row: Eternal, Green Peace, Electric Firefly

Top Row: Crowd Surf, Groupie, Summer Love
Bottom Row: Eternal, Green Peace, Electric Firefly

This was honestly the hardest collection I have ever had to photograph. Neons are so hard to photograph and even harder to photograph when you cant go in the sun, because they will change colour.

Ruby Wing Crowd Surf - Shade

Ruby Wing Crowd Surf - Sunshine

Crowd Surf is a crelly fuchsia purple in the shade and a darker plum colour in the sun.  This is three coats.  Its consistency is a mixture of jelly and crème (crelly), so is like a jelly polish, but not as see through and squishy.  the Picture in the sun is not quite colour accurate as it is a darker deeper purple in real life. Purples are notoriously hard to photograph.

Ruby Wing Electric Firefly - Shade

Ruby Wing Electric Firefly - Shade

Electric Firefly is the only shimmer polish in this collection. It has a bright electric blue shimmer running through it. This is three coats and I found the formula on this one quite runny.  In the sunshine it changes to a vivid orange colour.  The shimmer is still present in the sunhine too.

Ruby Wing Eternal - Shade

Ruby Wing Eternal - Sunshine

Eternal has the most drastic colour change in the sunshine out of all the polishes in this collection.  It changes from a teal green crème into a grey/purple crème in the sun.  This is two coats and the formula on this one is great.  I found all of these polishes to dry quite quickly as well.

Ruby Wing Green Peace - Shade

Ruby Wing Green Peace - Sunshine

Green Peace is a crelly (a mixture of crème and jelly finish) polish.  This is three coats. It changes from a bright highlighter neon green into a forest green in the sunshine. 

Ruby Wing Groupie - Shade

Ruby Wing Groupie - Sunshine

This one was hardest to photograph. It is a bright neon highlighter pink. It is a Barbie pink, that looks like a highlighter does in the shade.  The bottle shot in the top photo is the most colour accurate photo of this polish.  This polish has a crème finish and only needs two coats, as it is the perfect consistency.  It changes to a darker non-neon pink in the sun.

Ruby Wing Summer Love - Shade

Ruby Wing Summer Love - Sunshine

Summer Love is a bright neon orange in the sun and a red/orange toned brown in the sun. This one also has the crelly finish, being a cross between a jelly and a crème polish. This was three coats. Logically it makes sense for orange to turn brown in the sun, but it is a hard polish to match with clothing. It feels totally 80s.

Lots of Love

This collection was sent to me for review from Color Club New Zealand.

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