Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sally Hansen Lavender Sky

I went to one of those make up sales a few weeks back.  These sales pop up every few months in Wellington so I went along and broke my no buy again.  Often they have Sally Hansen Prism polishes for super cheap. And I got lucky last time, by finding 5 of these, all for only $3 each (that is super super cheap for a nail polish in New Zealand).

Here is one coat of Sally Hansen Nail Prisms in Lavender Sky over black.

Sally Hansen Lavender Sky over Black- sunshine

This is a pale blue duochrome, that when layered over black flashes between purple and green (but mostly purple).  It is a super fine shimmer.

It seems that a lot of the polishes I have obtained lately are designed for layering over others. I am quickly running out of black polish to put under all of these pretties.

In other news its now only 11 sleeps until me and my husband head of to America and Canada for 5 weeks. I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!! I am going to buy so many polishes!!!!  Also stay turned for a giveaway while I am on holiday.

Lots of Love


  1. this reminds me of salt water mussles hehe

  2. Woohoo! Where specifically will you be visiting in Canada? I am in Toronto :)

    1. We are going all over Canada. Starting in Vancouver, driving all the way to Calgary and then flying to Toronto for my Brother-in-laws wedding. I AM SO EXCITED!!!