Thursday, September 20, 2012

Max Factory Fantasy Fire (over black)

I found Max Factory Fantasy Fire at Farmers a few weeks ago. This is NZ$10.50 for a teeny tiny bottle of polish. Google says that these polishes are only 4.5 mls, which is one of the tiniest bottle of polish I have ever seen.  Price per mls makes this more expensive than even Mac polishes are here.

Max Factor Fantasy Fire over Black - Natural Light 

As you can see from the bottle this polish looks purple and blue in the bottle, but on top of black the red, gold and green duochrome shows through instead of the blue and purple.  

This little tiny bottle of polish is a million different manicures in one. Layering it over different colours makes it look completely different.  Unfortunately I don't have time to swatch this over any other colours before my holiday starts, but I will when I get back.  Only two more days until holiday time!

Lots of Love


  1. It looks really nice over black! I also got this a couple of weeks ago and was surprised at the price for the size. Its sad that there isn't a bigger bottle. Still an amazing colour!

  2. Haven't seen it in NZ yet but must start keeping an eye out for it in farmers!