Friday, September 14, 2012

OPI I'm All Ears

So in about 5 weeks time I will be at Disneyland! and I am SO EXCITED!!!!! I love Disneyland. I have been once before when I was 23 and I thought it was Amazing. I am a complete Disney nut. I have pretty much every Disney movie on DVD.

So when OPI came out with the Vintage Minnie Mouse collection I had to get them all. I was going to wait until I actually got to Disneyland, but a bad day at work and a sale at Farmers a few weeks ago saw me get two out of the collection.

 OPI I'm All Ears - Natural Light

OPI I'm All Ears - Sunshine

This is three coats. I'm All Ears is a cute glass effect polish in a bright medium pinky red colour.  I am surprised I didn't already have something like this in my collection, but it is unique for me.  This is almost like a jelly polish, and is quite see through until you build up the layers.

Here is me in October 2009 at Disneyland with Minnie Mouse

Lots of Love

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  1. so cool that you are going! which Disneyland will you go to???