Sunday, July 1, 2012

Spotted in NZ: OPI Ballet and Spiderman

I spotted the OPI New York City Ballet collection in a pharmacy a few weeks a go. I have only seen them  in chemists, not yet in Farmers. This collection has 5 pastel jelly polishes and one glitter top coat.

Barre My Soul - This sheer beige is gorgeous, and that’s the “naked” truth.
You Callin' Me a Lyre? - This ascending pink hits all the right notes. 
Don't Touch My Tutu! - Hands off this wispy white -- it's all mine! 
Care to Danse? - This lilac is up-to-the-minuet in fashion. 
My Pointe Exactly - See? This gorgeous sheer grey has been right all along! 
Pirouette My Whistle - Drink up! This silver sparkle is just what you need.

On Thursday I spotted the Spiderman collection at Farmers.

Your Web or Mine?  - The perfect pink for sticky situations.
Into the Night - This perfect midnight blue was made for prowling.
Call Me Gwen-ever - Girlfriend, be sure to pick up when this urgent coral calls.
Just Spotted the Lizard - Be seen in this reptilian yellow-green
My Boyfriend Scales Walls - Climb new heights with this cityscape white
Number One Nemesis  - Show your metal in this sparkling nickel.
Shatter the Scales - Deep green shimmer Shatter coat inspired by graffiti art

I cant wait until my no buy ends to get some of these.  I only have to wait three more months until I am in Canada and America when I can buy up large. No buys are hard, and so many nice polishes have been released since I started it in March.

Lots of Love

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  1. thanks for posting this, I just bought the OPI New York City Ballet Mini Pack for $23 hehe gotta love ebay. anyways thanks for telling me about it & Its nice to find a nail polish blog from wellington like me!