Thursday, July 26, 2012

Orly Stone Cold

My kitten finally decided to vacate my light box, so I was able to capture this photo tonight.  I do my nails a night time and have just put this onto my nails to wear tomorrow.

Orly Stone Cold - Natural Light

Orly Stone Cold - White Light

Stone Cold is from the 2011 Orly Mineral FX collection.  Apparently this collection by Orly contain Flurophlogopites to give them a shimmering colour transformation, glass particles as well as mica, silica and coloured pigments to give them a multi-dimensional effect.  Seems a bit fancy to me, really this is just a pretty sparkly blue polish.  It looks like blue sparkles in a dark blue base.  This swatch is three coats. It applies well and dries in an OK amount of time.  It is actually darker in real life than it appears in this photo. It is more of a deep dark blue that looks really gorgeous.

Lots of Love

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