Thursday, March 15, 2012

Warning Fake Shellac for sale on Groupon

Groupon in New Zealand are advertising a product called Shellac for sale on their website.
This is a FAKE product, form a Chinese company called Bluesky.
The only real produces of shellac are CND and they are not endorsing the sale of this product.

I found this review online here about bluesky shellac:

"i bought one colour, the base coat and top coat of this not realising it was different from the proper CND, i tried it on myself and 3 other memebers of my family before trying it on my customer. we all have different uses, one has a horse, her's peeled of the 1st day, one is a "normal housewife" 2 peeled of the 2nd night and the rest lasted a week, mine, chipped, i am a trained nail tech and data processor, but worse of all, my mum had such a bad reacation to it that the skin on her fingers literally ripped and bleed within 2 days of application, so badly that i had to VERY CAREFULLY file them off as they are so swollen and sore i dearnt' but acetone anywhere near them. when i wanted to contact the company to tell them, the only address on the bottle is china! this obviously wont happen to everyone, it didnt happen to the rest of us, but it definately doesn't even last a week so i have ordered the proper CND which i will test on myself before my family and clients"

This Groupon deal might seem like a good deal, but it is not true shellac.

Do not make the mistake of thinking it is real shellac.

Lots of Love



  1. Thank you for letting us know. It's a shame someone had to go through the trouble to find that out though :(