Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A England Saint George

Unfortunately my nails are taking a while longer than I hoped to recover, so at the moment they are supper short nubbins. But nubbins look great in dark colours so I thought since it was sunny today when I got home from work I would try out A England Saint George.

This polish has got to be one of my all time favourites ever! And in a collection of almost 600 polishes this is a big deal.

A England released the Legend collection at the start of this year. It contains 7 polishes, 6 of which are holographic.

According to the A England website Saint George was a:

Bearer of a valiant & courageous heart, this fathomless teal reveals the strength of the brave knight's convictions with his gleaming, fiery core.

A England Saint George - Sunshine

A England Saint George - Shade

This is a dark teal polish that in the sun sparkles an awesome rainbow. I had to compress these pictures so you cant see the rainbows as well as you can in real life. This is two coats, although you could get away with just one. The formula is perfect and dry time is quick. A England polishes always seem to have great forumlas and are super easy to apply.

A England polishes are available from the website Shipping is quite often free and is super fast (especially all the way to New Zealand). These work out to be about NZ$17 a polish.

Lots of Love

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