Thursday, November 17, 2011

A England Tristam

A England Tristam doesn't really need many words. It is simply just amazing.

A England Tristam - Sunshine

A England Tristam - Sunshine

Tristam - the courteous knight

The symbol of the knightly virtue, and romantic love. When Tristam and Iseult accidentally consume a love potion, fall helplessly in love. Despite facing numerous trials to test their secret affair their love was never known to fade.

Tristam is a deep dark blue holographic polish. Enlarge the pictures in the sun by clicking on them to see how beautiful this really is. I think its great to see more darker colours being made into holographic polishes.

This is two coats. A England is quickly becoming one of my favourite brands for formula. All only need two coats and apply like a dream.

A England also have great customer service, and sometimes even offer free around the world shipping. It also didn't take them long to get to New Zealand (less than a week, compared to another brand in the UK that took a month to arrive here in NZ)

Lots of Love

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  1. I agree! This polish is amazing! I am glad I own it!