Saturday, February 12, 2011

OPI Pirates of the Caribbean Collection

This year OPI is releasing a collection for the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie. This continues on from their collaborations with Alice in Wonderland and Shrek last year.

Picture thanks to Claire at

These are all creme pastel colours. Who would have thought to associate pastels with pirates? I kind of imagined vampy purples and grungy greens. But in saying that all that the regular women in that time period wore pastels (I'm thinking back to the first movie where Keira was wearing giant big dresses in pastels with a giant pile of hair on her head)

Mermaid Tears : Light pastel seagreen
Stranger Tides : Lightest pastel yellow
Planks a Lot : Pastel muted purple
Sparrow Me the Drama : Smoky purple-pink
Scull and Glossbones : Pearly white shimmer
Steady as She Rose : Delicate rose pink

And of course they have added another shatter colour to the collection, with a silver shatter top coat! This is one I have to have!

This seems quite similar in the way they did the Shrek collection, a collection of 6 cremes. Some with a different finish would have been nice now that OPI has got us all addicted to glitter thanks to the Burlesque collection. Although I must admit from what I have seen these 6 cremes all look great with the silver shatter over the top.

Hope your having a great weekend.

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  1. Never would have guessed a pirates theme to be made up of pastels, either, but this collection looks super exciting!! Looking especially forward to the silver shatter top coat, too!

  2. Even though it's not what I expected I think I will still get them all.

  3. Like you I definitely want this shatter!!

  4. oh yes! i can imagine pastels with a pirate collection, when i think of caribbean i think of pastels :)

  5. I think one of the reason they did pastels is because of the releasedate. And I do think they fit the movie, just not what pops up first in my head :).

  6. Apparently Stranger Tides is acutally more of an olive green than a yellow.