Sunday, December 1, 2013

Spoiler: Ciate Mini Mani Month Days 1-4

When I was in Hawaii in October the Christmas Advent calendar from Ciate was already available. I picked up two from Sephora. One for me and one for the other Lisa as a Christmas present. Here is the link to it online.

I am not the biggest Ciate fan, in fact these are the first polishes I have owned from them, after the Caviar/blogger/lawyer/drama nastiness from a few years ago. But lets be honest this is an advent calendar with nail polishes in it! Best advent calendar ever!

Here are Days 1-4 swatched.

Day 1: Snow Globe

Ciate Snow Globe (over Black) - Sunshine

Ciate Snow Globe (over Black) - Shade

Day 2: Boudoir

Ciate Boudoir - Sunshine

Ciate Boudoir - Shade

Day 3: Amazing Gracie

Ciate Amazing Gracie - Sunshine

Ciate Amazing Gracie - Shade

Day 4: Silver Caviar Metallic Pearls

Ciate Amazing Gracie with silver metallic pearls - Sunshine

Ciate Amazing Gracie with silver metallic pearl - Shade

I'm off to finish making Christmas Mince pies.

Lots of Love

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