Saturday, December 21, 2013

Ciate Mini Mani Month Days 5-10

We finally have internet at home again, although we are trying to change companies and I doubt this will last long.  So without further a due here is the next 6 days of the Ciate Mini Mani Calendar.

All swatches below are three coats with no top coat.

Day 5: Hoopla
Ciate Hoopla - Sunshine

Ciate Hoopla - Shade

Day 6: Sugar Plum
Ciate Sugar Plum - Sunshine

Ciate Sugar Plum - Shade

Day 7: Main Stage 
Ciate Main Stage - Sunshine

Ciate Main Stage - Shade

Day 8:  Midnight in Manhattan (Caviar Pearls)

Ciate Midnight in Manhattan (Caviar Pearls) 
over Main Stage - Sunshine

Day 9: Candy Floss
Ciate Candy Floss - Sunshine

Ciate Candy Floss - Shade

Day 10: Pillow Fight
Ciate Pillow Fight - Sunshine

Ciate Pillow Fight - Shade

Lots of Love

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