Saturday, July 13, 2013

CND Vinylux Review

Vinylux is the latest product released by CND (the brand behind Shellac).  I picked up three of these polishes and a top coat at the recent New Zealand Beauty Expo.

"Vinylux is a breakthrough polish that endures a week of fashion perfection... without a base coat"

Here is a quick over view of Vinylux:

  • This polish is a cross between a regular polish and a gel polish that cures under a lamp.  
  • It is designed to last three times what a 'normal' polish would last.  
  • A base coat is not needed.
  • Currently there are 62 colours available
  • Use 2 coats of Vinylux and then one coat of Vinylux top coat
  • Polish dries under natural light (and no UV lamp is needed)
The first one I tried out was Azure wish. It is a light blue polish. In the bottle it looks like it has shimmer in it, however on the nail the shimmer is not visible.

CND Vinylux Azure Wish - White light

I used three thin coats here. The recommendation is two coats, however the polish was not opaque enough and I felt it needed three to even out the polish on the nail.

This polish cures under natural light. I polished my nails late at night and they dried fine under a regular house light.  I was surprised with how quickly this polish dried, as it was no longer than a regular polish (if not quicker because the coats were quite thin).

The formula was good on this polish.  It was smooth and easy to apply thin coats. The brush is pretty standard and was easy to get a neat finish with.

I wore this polish for four days.  It did chip after two days, but I stuck it out to write this review. Unfortunately the condition it was in after the four days meant that it did not last the stated three times longer than a regular polish, as I can get a great two days out of a regular polish (usually after that I am sick of the colour and want to change it). So it lasted longer than a regular polish, just not three times longer.

Removal was very easy. Vinylux was very easily removed with acetone based nail polish remover.  

I am currently putting on Black Pool, which is the Black creme Vinylux polish. I will be trying this out with a glitter layer in between the polish and the Vinylux top coat.

Lots of Love

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