Saturday, April 6, 2013

Spotted in NZ: OPI the Great and Powerful Oz

I spotted these in Farmers yesterday. The Great and Powerful Oz Collection. This is the 2013 Soft shades collection from OPI, that also features one of the new liquid sand polishes.

I had already picked up the three polishes I wanted from this collection two three weeks ago at the importers clearance for NZ$12 a polish (instead of NZ$27 at Farmers)

There has been a lot of hoo ha on the internet about When Monkeys Fly! which is the gold glitter polish. The large gold pieces of glitter curl and do not sit flat on the nail. OPI has offered to replace bottles of this with another polish from this collection (but I am pretty sure that that offer is only open to those in America). So if I was you, I would stay away from When Monkeys Fly! in New Zealand as you will surely be disappointed.

Lots of Love

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