Tuesday, April 30, 2013

OPI OY-Another Polish Joke!

We saw a bit of sun here on Saturday so I decide to start swatching my OPI Euro Centrale Collection.  Currently I have 10 out of the 12 polishes from this collection. I am still on the hunt for a reasonably prices Polka.com. The other one I am missing is Hands off my Kielbasa! however, I am not so keen on the colour, but to complete the collection I will probably end up getting it.

OPI OY-Another Polish Joke! - natural light

OPI OY-Another Polish Joke! - shade

This is OY-Another Polish Joke! It is a soft yellow glass effect shimmerey polish. This is three coats by itself. Three coats is needed to build up some opacity. I was suprised how much I like this polish. Yellows are hard to get right, and to look good on multiple skin colours.  This would make a good shimmery topcoat over other polishes as well.

Lots of Love

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