Friday, November 30, 2012

Hare Why so Igneous?

Hare is the second independent brand I have tried out. I bought three polishes direct from Nikole and the Hare Etsy website.  Why so igneous is from the Where's Summer, B? collection released earlier this year.

Hare Why So Igneous? - Natural Light

This is three coats on its own.  Why so Igneous? has green and purple square glitter, with smaller green and purple hexagon glitter and a fine purple shimmer all in a purple tinted base.  Application was easy and I didn't have to go fishing in the bottle for bigger pieces of glitter.

Hare Why So Igneous? over Color Club Disco Dress - Natural Light

Hare Why So Igneous? over Color Club Disco Dress - Sunshine (a little bit)

This is three coats of Color Club Disco Dress with two coats of Hare Why so Igneous? I like it this way where it is being used as a top coat. 

I have some more Hares coming to me in the mail, but this time from Llarowe. As Indie sellers become more popular they are harder and harder to get a hold of. :(

Lots of Love

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