Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Butter London Dodgy Barnett

Yay! After the weather man promising sun for the last three days, we finally had some, and I managed to finish work on time and get home before sunset to capture these pictures of Butter London's Dodgy Barnett.

Dodgy Barnett is from the 2012 Butter London Autumn/Winter collection.  To be honest I am not quite sure why you would include Holographic polishes in a winter collection.  Its spring here at the moment an we barely get any sun, so I cant imagine winter in London having much sun.

Butter London Dodgy Barnett - sunshine

Close up of Butter London Dodgy Barnett

This is three coats. This one as not a one or two coater like a lot of other holographic polishes are these days.  Its quite thin so could actually be used as a holographic top coat over other polishes.  However it does have a significant amount of holo-ness so is totally worth getting.

I haven't spotted this one in New Zealand yet. There are very very few holographic polishes available in New Zealand, so if this one is spotted in Farmers, it may be worth paying the ridiculous retail price of $35 for one of these.

Lots of Love


  1. This looks great. I picked it up but not had a chance to wear it. It's never sunny in Scotland at this time of year! Much prefer to wear these type when it's sunny!

  2. wow this looks great :) I'm totally going to try and find this in the shops!
    If you love holographic polish you should check out Butter London's 'Fishwife' which is absolutely stunning.